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Representing retired classified employees

The CSEA Retiree Unit represents retired classified employees and serves many vital functions. It works to protect pension benefits and advocates for retirees’ rights. It keeps CSEA members connected to their union and in touch with other retired members. And of course, it allows retirees to enjoy many of the same benefits they had as active members. Learn more about how to join the Retiree Unit.

The Retiree Unit is comprised of 11 retiree districts organized along geographic lines. Each retiree district contains retiree council units which are similar to CSEA chapters but are also chartered along geographic lines. Coordination and direction of the council units’ activities is achieved through an elected Retiree Unit Executive Board, which consists of 11 retiree district directors elected by vote of the retiree council units chartered within their district (similar to CSEA Area Director elections), plus an Executive Board Chairperson and Secretary who are elected by vote of all retiree council units chartered statewide. The Retiree Unit Executive Board reports directly to and receives its guidance and direction from the Association’s Board of Directors.


Retiree Unit Executive Board

The Retiree Unit Executive Board (RUEB) is the administrative body for the Retiree Unit. The RUEB consists of the Executive Board Chairperson, Secretary, and 11 Retiree Unit District Directors.

Retiree Districts & Councils

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Join the Retiree Unit

When you retire from your job, you don’t need to retire from your union. The CSEA Retiree Unit allows you to stay connected to CSEA and maintain access to the great benefits and services you had while you were an active member.

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