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CSEA’s official publication, Focus Magazine, is published digitally six times a year. Focus highlights major topics that impact CSEA members, including in-depth feature stories, updates from the Capitol, news from around the state, member profiles, official notices and more.

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Focus May/June 2024

May/June 2024

In this issue, relive the 2024 Paraeducator Conference. Also, how one chapter came together to host a board meeting without their chapter president, a preview of Classified School Employees Week, a look at CSEA's lobby efforts for classified-friendly legislation in Washington D.C., and more.

Back Issues

State Capitol

March/April 2024

CSEA's Plans for the current Legislative Session

Also: Have-a-Heart Month ends with assistance for more members secured, President's Message, Member Benefits and More.

Focus Magazine

January/February 2024

Strength in Numbers

Also: How the Dorothy Bjork Assistance Fund helped a member through difficult time, a message from Association President Adam Weinberger, the 2024 voter guide, and more.

Focus November/December 2023

November/December 2023

The Power of Unity and Appeals 

Also: A Message from the President, 2023 Legislative Victories, and more.

Cerritos Chapter 161

September/October 2023

The Art of Collective Bargaining

Also: CSEA's 2023 Legislative Session, 2023 Members of the Year, Classified School Employees of the Year, Annual Conference Recap, More.

Focus July/August 2023

July/August 2023

Appreciating Classified Employees 

Annual Conference preview, Fighting for legislation that protects and improves the lives of CSEA members, 2023 RISE award winner, Scholarship recipients, and more

Focus May/June 2023

May/June 2023

Why classified employees are choosing CSEA.

Also: Recap of the 26th Annual Paraeducator Conference, Increasing chapter VC membership, CSEW 2023, Member Career Grants, and more