CSEA members represented at all levels

CSEA is democratically governed by members at all levels, including the Association Board of Directors, 10 Areas, 100 Regions and nearly 800 Chapters throughout the state. In addition, CSEA has 15 Standing Committees with representatives appointed by the Association President.

CSEA Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The CSEA Board of Directors oversees the union’s day-to-day operations. The board is comprised of statewide officers (president, vice presidents, secretary), who are elected by conference delegates, and 10 Area Directors.


California is divided into 10 CSEA Areas. Each Area is designated by a letter (A-K) and represented by an Area Director, who serves on the CSEA Board of Directors. Area Directors are elected by the chapters they serve along with an Alternate Area Director, in case of a director vacancy or to assist in carrying out programs within the areas.


There are 100 Regions within the state, and each is headed by a Regional Representative (RR). All RRs are appointed by the Association President and coordinate the union’s activities and work with local chapters within their region.


CSEA has nearly 800 chapters throughout the state. Local chapter officers marshal the union’s resources to make sure members have an active voice in our schools and colleges. Each chapter elects officers to serve on its executive board. Chapter officers include the president, vice president(s) and secretary (some chapters have additional elected positions). Chapters also have union stewards, site representatives, and other local representatives.

Standing Committees

Standing Committees

Ranging from negotiations to insurance and legislation, standing committees assist the Board of Directors in carrying out CSEA activities and programs. Appointed by the Association President, a group of member representatives from throughout the state study and make recommendations to the board on issues and activities within their committee’s scope.

CSEA Retiree Unit

CSEA Retiree Unit Executive Board

The Retiree Unit Executive Board (RUEB) is the administrative body for the Retiree Unit. The RUEB consists of the Executive Board Chairperson, Secretary, and 11 Retiree Unit District Directors. The RUEB has general supervision of the affairs of the Retiree Unit as provided by the Association Bylaws and as approved by the CSEA Board of Directors in accordance with policy adopted and included in the Association’s Policy Handbook.
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CSEA Elections

CSEA is a democratic, member-governed union, and all decision-making comes from the membership. From your local chapter to the state board of directors, CSEA’s leadership is comprised of democratically elected volunteers who work regular classified jobs in our schools and community colleges.

2023 Candidate Information
Forms and information for candidates seeking election to the CSEA Board of Directors or Retiree Unit Executive Board are now available online.

CSEA Structure: The Association

CSEA Structure: The Association (Publication 203) provides a detailed view into how CSEA’s organizational structure works to meet the needs of its members.

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