Safeguarding your retirement income

As workers, we earn our retirement. It’s not a gift, and it certainly isn’t a benefit we can afford to lose.

Nonetheless, public employee pensions and our retirement security have increasingly come under threat. Over the years, politicians have attempted everything from privatizing Social Security to turning the Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) into a massive 401k-style contribution plan.

CalPERS Board elections

As CalPERS members, most CSEA members vote in elections for the CalPERS Board of Administration, which oversees your pension and has responsibilities to safeguard your pension system and its investments. CSEA members have a long history of serving as leaders on the CalPERS Board. 

Retirement security in the news

From legislation and ballot initiatives to information about CalPERS elections and candidates, CSEA keeps you up to date with news and updates about your retirement security.

Making the most of your retirement

Learn more about your retirement benefits and get answers to the most common questions classified employees ask about their retirement. We help members plan for retirement and make the most of their pension.