Retire from your job, not your union

The CSEA Retiree Unit is working to protect your pension and other rights you will want to enjoy as a retiree. All former classified employees are welcome to join us at retirement and receive:​

AD&D INSURANCE: $5,000 No Cost Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Coverage.

LEGAL REFERRAL: Access CSEA's Free Legal Referral Program.

INSURANCE: Access to group dental and vision insurance plans.

HUMANITARIAN FUND: Qualify for Humanitarian and Emergency Assistance Programs.

RETIREMENT ASSISTANCE: Get guidance on CalPERS and Social Security issues as well as free Medicare health plan counseling.

DISCOUNTS AND SERVICES: Access the same services and Member Benefits that active members receive.

PUBLICATIONS: Stay up to date on state and national issues affecting retirees.

STAY CONNECTED: Receive invitations to events with retirees in your area and larger social Retiree Unit events.

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Membership is only $3 per month from your CalPERS check or $36 annually.*

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CSEA Retiree Unit

CSEA Retiree Unit

The CSEA Retiree Unit represents retired classified employees and serves many vital functions. It works to protect pension benefits and advocates for retirees’ rights. It keeps CSEA members connected to their union and in touch with other retired members.