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CSEA members bring passion and purpose to their jobs – making a difference in the lives of the students they serve.

2024 Annual Conference

CSEA's 98th Annual Conference

CSEA is holding its 98th Annual Conference at the San Jose Convention Center July 28 - Aug. 1, 2024. Details about this year's conference are now available online.
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Save on Summer Fun

CSEA members get discounts to all the major theme parks in California and save on tickets to aquariums, zoos, movie theatres, waterparks and more. Make the most of your summer and your CSEA membership!


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Jul 16, 2024 | Labor Notes
The Heritage Foundation's Project 2025 is a 900-page wish list for a new Trump presidency that would bulldoze worker protections, outlaw public sector unions, abolish overtime pay laws, get rid of...


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September 02, 2024
September 21, 2024
October 02, 2024

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Labor Day
September 02, 2024

Labor Day

You can thank unions for the eight-hour workday, weekends, the end of child labor and, yes, paid holidays such as Labor...