Four CSEA members recognized as 'Unsung Heroes'

June 20, 2024
Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes: Myke Lucero, Ruby Shaw and Regino Gonzalez (Ryan Branson not pictured)

Student and staff safety are top priorities for all classified employees.

This is especially true for Kern High Chapter 81 members Ryan Branson, Regino Gonzalez, Myke Lucero, and Ruby Shaw. Early last September, these four classified staff at Kern High School jumped into action when they heard over the radio reports of an intoxicated student with a gun in his backpack.  

Acting as quickly and safely as possible
The four members noted what ultimately made them act was the need “to go about the situation as quickly and safely as possible to prevent anyone from being hurt.”

“We were carefully watching the student, but once I saw him start to get physical with staff, I felt I needed to interject,” Regino explained “There was a bit of nervousness just because of the situation but I just relied on my experience as a campus supervisor, and tried to stay as calm as possible to prevent mass panic.”

Despite the fact a security officer was not immediately present, these staff knew they had to act to keep everyone safe. They were able to take control of the student and get his backpack away.  

“Having a rapport with the student, I feel it helped keep [them] from bolting out the front gate and it kept the incident from getting worse,” Ryan added.

Presented with Unsung Hero Award
On May 4th, Ryan, Regino, Myke and Ruby were presented with the Unsung Hero Award at the Fresno Field Office Member Recognition Event. The award recognizes classified members who do behind-the-scenes work and who are indispensable to building our union. 

Thank you, Ryan, Regino, Myke, and Ruby, for your quick thinking and heroic actions, and for going above and beyond to protect student and campus safety.

This article was written by CSEA Content Writer Maya Sabatino