CSEA members are the essential workers who keep our schools running

CSEA members are the everyday heroes who keep our schools and community colleges up and running.

We do the essential work that keeps our campuses safe, clean and efficient. From the classroom to the playground, the school cafeteria to the college financial aid office – we make a difference in the daily life of student.

We perform a wide range of essential work, including security, food services, office and clerical work, school maintenance and operations, transportation, academic assistance and paraeducator services, library and media assistance, computer services and more.


CSEA members are part of a team and extended family of nearly a quarter million classified employees. Working together, we have a proven record of success that spans nearly 100 years. The only thing we are missing is you.

Food Services

Our schools serve more meals each day than all the restaurants in the state. As cooks, servers, clerks and delivery drivers, we work hard to maintain efficient, safe and healthy food service programs. In our school cafeterias and food preparation centers, we play a critical role in the educational process by providing nutritious meals for children. For many students, the meal they receive at school is the best or only meal they will get each day.

Food Service Worker

Maintenance and Operations

From cleaning classrooms to performing skilled maintenance work, we ensure that our schools are safe and comfortable places for students to learn. Keeping up a school is not like maintaining a commercial property—it takes everyday experts who understand the unique needs of our schools and what it takes to keep them running smoothly. Custodians keep the classrooms and restrooms clean. Groundskeepers keep grass areas safe for sports and other recreational activities and skilled maintenance workers troubleshoot problems in school buildings and proactively ensure that facilities function properly.

Maintenance and Operations Worker

Office and Technical

Whether we work at the front desk at an elementary school or work in information technology at the county office of education, we perform critical services at all levels of public schools and community colleges. We maintain attendance records, answer the phones, pay the bills and communicate with parents and administrators—all while keeping pace with advances in computer and communications technology. Whether we are registering thousands of students at a large community college or explaining the afternoon bus route to the parent of a first-grader, we are essential to the success of our schools.

Office Technician


In today’s classrooms, labs and career centers, we support and enhance the work of teachers in all components of the education process. We offer instructional support in traditional classroom settings and function as technicians and specialists working in special education, bilingual classrooms and other programs. The increased use of paraprofessional staff in education across the United States has been well documented, as our role requires considerable skill in areas that traditionally have been the domain only of certificated staff.


Special Services

From campus security to shipping and receiving, we provide many specialized services to school districts and colleges statewide. Depending on the specific needs of the district, we do everything from migrant services and financial aid to warehousing, security and shipping and receiving.

Special Services

Transportation Services

As school bus drivers, we carry the most precious cargo: our children. According to the National Safety Council, school buses are about 40 times safer than the family car. Getting kids to and from school safely and on schedule makes bus drivers, mechanics and other transportation personnel an integral part of our schools and our communities.
Transportation Service Worker
CSEA in the Community

CSEA members are known for being active in the community. In many ways, that's what being a CSEA member is all about. Whether we’re working for local charities or volunteering in youth sports programs, we serve our communities with the same pride that we serve our students and schools. We are proud to be making a difference in our schools and our communities.