Committees serve important role in CSEA

CSEA Standing committees are appointed by the Association President and are comprised of members from throughout the state. Some committees also have a community college, public sector, and county office of education representative. CSEA committees make recommendations to the board of directors on issues and activities within their respective committee’s scope.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee ensures that our members receive respect and recognition by promoting and encouraging Association awards programs.

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is comprised of CSEA member leaders from throughout the state, who primarily analyze CSEA's annual budget, and monitor expenditures, trends and the organization's fiscal health through all phases of the budget cycle.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee works to improve members' knowledge by developing better communication and distribution of information.

Community College Committee

The Community College Committee researches, educates and communicates with members on the issues and concerns of community college employees.

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee plans and prepares all areas and functions of CSEA's Annual Conference. It also strives to ensure a positive and professional atmosphere at the event.

County Office of Education (COE) Committee

The COE Committee researches, educates and communicates issues and concerns of CSEA’s county office of education chapters. It also serves as a liaison between members, the board of directors, governmental relations and the Legislature.

Education Committee

The Education Committee oversees the important role of training CSEA members.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee oversees and participates in the formation of CSEA's legislative agenda. The committee researches and makes recommendations on legislative resolutions and monitors legislation approved by the Board of Directors.

Member Benefits Committee

The Member Benefits Committee monitors all of the insurance and consumer discount programs CSEA offers members, as well as educates chapter leaders and members as to the value that CSEA membership holds in these areas.

Merit System Committee

The Merit System Committee assists merit system chapters by sharing pertinent information, including development of commission rules and regulations, budget, and commissioner appointments. The Committee also provides specialized training for merit system chapters and proposes legislation that will protect employee rights under the merit system laws.

Political Action for Classified Employees (PACE) Committee

The PACE Committee offers financial assistance to chapters participating in school board and/or bond elections. Such assistance will only be provided if the requesting chapter follows CSEA policy relating to such elections and submits the appropriate official form.

Pre-Retirement Resource Committee

The Pre-Retirement Resource Committee helps active classified employees learn about their retirement system so they can make informed choices about their retirement early in their career.

Research/Negotiations Committee

The Research/Negotiations Committee studies trends in contract negotiations, analyzes settlements, and trains chapter leaders in the best practices in bargaining.

Resolutions Committee

The Resolutions Committee is a resource and guide to the membership to ensure that Conference resolutions are in proper form for delegate action.

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee provides information about CSEA's scholarships and grants, evaluates applications, and promotes additional scholarship and grant opportunities for CSEA members and their dependents.

CSEA Volunteer Form

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