Custodian's quick actions save colleague's life

Sergio Escobedo
October 18, 2023

In a remarkable display of compassion and quick thinking, Sergio Escobedo, a custodian and Member of Alhambra Chapter 295, recently demonstrated the true meaning of teamwork when he came to the aid of a colleague in a moment of crisis. 

One day at work, Escobedo's colleague experienced a sudden seizure. Without hesitation, he leapt into action, helping his distressed co-worker. He remained by his side, ensuring his safety, while contacting emergency services. Additionally, he promptly alerted their supervisor to request immediate assistance. 

Escobedo was given the Alhambra Unified School District “Game Changer” award not only for his heroic response but also for his unwavering commitment, diligent work ethic, and genuine care for his colleagues. His dedication to creating a safe and supportive environment for all serves as an inspiration to us all. 

“I do not see myself as a hero” he said. “I did what a human should do – care for another human being.”