2024 Community College Classified School Employees of the Year

CCCEY 2024
May 28, 2024

The halls of the California Community Colleges headquarters in Sacramento may be far from home for many. 

On May 20 though, they hosted two members who received the highest honor bestowed upon classified employees by the state as they helped make up the 2024 class of Classified School Employee of the Year community colleges recipients. 

Yvette Garcia, an administrative assistant at Mt. San Antonio College and Mt. San Antonio College Chapter 262 member, and Anissa Mitchell, a student success and equity coordinator at Barstow College and Barstow College Chapter 176 member, were celebrated in Sacramento. 

The honor recognizes the best of California’s classified employees working in community colleges and in turn, the best of CSEA. 

“I want to thank our classified staff statewide for their outstanding work at our colleges and districts, and most importantly for their dedication to our students,” said California Community Colleges Chancellor Dr. Sonya Christian.

Yvette Garcia

Garcia is a fervent advocate for equity and has shown unwavering commitment to equitable student outcomes during her tenure as an administrative assistant for more than seven years at Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC). Yvette’s tenure in the technical services department at Mt. SAC exemplifies a pinnacle of professional excellence and high standards of job performance, particularly in serving their diverse student population. 

“This award is truly appreciated and motivates me to keep striving for excellence,” Garcia said. 

Mitchell is a product of the community college system and committed to expanding the goals of equitable access, success and support for all historically disadvantaged students, families and communities within the surrounding rural towns that Barstow Community College serves. 

Anissa Mitchell

In acknowledging her support network, Mitchell thanked her family and CSEA siblings for their roles in helping her towards such a milestone achievement. 

“This moment is huge for me but it’s not mine alone,” Mitchell said. “It’s a testament to the mosaic of love, support, and collective aspiration that life has blessed me with.”

During her five-year tenure as a student success and equity coordinator, her ambitions in re-engineering the student experience and providing equitable access for all is testament to her leadership. She has engaged in numerous fundraisers and community events while working to change perceptions and eliminate stereotypes.

Nominations for CSEY are reviewed by the California Community Colleges Board of Governors, Chancellor’s Office staff, and classified staff representatives on the consultation council. 

This article was written by CSEA Sr. Communication Specialist Matt Murphy.