CSEA gives you the peace of mind you want and the opportunities you deserve

Membership Advantage

Some employees take it for granted that their job and the benefits they receive are secure and permanent, but that is not the case. Every year, basic cost-of-living raises and pensions are threatened. Your membership and participation in CSEA help us achieve better pay raises, pension security, health insurance, sick leave and the other important benefits you and your family rely on.

  • Better pay and benefits
    Our membership strength allows us to negotiate the best possible pay and benefits for you and your family. When it comes to securing good contracts, CSEA's staff and trained member negotiators are the best in the business—and with greater membership numbers and unity, we only get stronger.
  • Respect in the workplace
    At CSEA, we share a common belief that if we work hard, we have the right to be treated fairly. That's why CSEA union stewards, labor representatives, legal staff and other advocates make sure you are respected in the workplace and recognized for the work you do and the contributions you make to our students and schools.
  • Exclusive member benefits
    Members have access to a wide variety of money-saving benefits. We offer a huge array of scholarships, financial services and insurance programs, as well as money-saving discounts on theme parks, shopping and more.
  • Training opportunities
    CSEA offers a wide range of programs to help its members both on and off the job, including dozens of training programs. From major conferences and events to local workshops and on-demand virtual training, we provide our members opportunities to improve their skills on the job and beyond.
  • A voice in our democracy
    While the services we offer our members are unmatched, it is the democracy of CSEA that really sets us apart. For nearly a century, CSEA has thrived as a member-governed union. That means, as a member, you are the union. From your local chapter to the state board of directors, CSEA's leadership is comprised of democratically elected volunteers who work regular classified jobs, just like you. Every member has a voice!
Take care of yourself, take care of your family

CSEA takes care of you, so you can take care of your family. What's more, we also offer services and benefits for the ones you love. From our Humanitarian Fund that helps members in need to free legal assistance and education opportunities, we have you covered. As a CSEA member, you get the peace of mind you want and the opportunities you deserve – allowing you to focus on what really matters.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at (866) ITS-CSEA (487-2732).

Activate your Membership

Annual dues, set by chapter delegates at Annual Conference, are 1.5 percent of the first $3,150 of monthly gross salary (exclusive of overtime but including longevity, professional growth and anniversary increments), but shall not exceed a maximum of $472.50 annually. Local chapters may assess additional local dues as authorized within their local constitutions.