I.T. Professionals Day

IT Professionals Day
Date & Time
October 20, 2022

On I.T. Professionals Day, we celebrate the technical experts — network engineers, system administrators, database admins and other I.T. professionals who make sure our computer systems run smoothly.

Our schools and students rely on technology for everything from lesson plans to attendance. CSEA is proud to represent thousands of I.T. professionals who keep our computer systems running smoothly and securely. We appreciate the work you do behind the scenes to ensure our students, teachers and schools are always connected.

Upcoming Events

  • Event
    December 07, 2022

    New Employee Orientation (Virtual)

    New Employee Orientations (NEOs) are an opportunity to build the union by bringing more members into CSEA. NEOs help us engage and educate new employees about their rights, contract, and the importance of CSEA membership.

  • Support
    December 10, 2022

    SBFO - Union Steward Level 2 - Virtual & Invite Only

    Congratulations on completing the Union Steward Level 1 training, you are one step closer to becoming a Certified Union Steward and further helping your chapter. 

    Who are the Union Stewards?

    Union Stewards work closely with elected chapter leaders and CSEA Staff to protect employee rights under the negotiated contract and laws that protect our members. Often times, Union Stewards are the first line of representation for members. They educate members on their rights and work to ensure respect and fairness in the workplace.