Classified School Employee Week (CSEW)

Celebrate CSEW May 19-25, 2024

Each May, California salutes the important contributions of classified school employees during Classified School Employee Week (CSEW). This year, we will be celebrating the theme: Empowering Generations.

"Classified School Employee Week is when our colleagues and community honor our hard work and dedication to our students," said Association President Adam Weinberger. "We are used to working behind the scenes, but this is our time to be celebrated!”

Classified employees have earned respect as educators and partners in the education community. More importantly, they have become recognized as the essential frontline workers who keep our schools up and running while making a difference in the lives of the students they serve.

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CSEW Resolution for School Boards

CSEA leaders can ask community college district board of trustees adopt resolutions to recognize Classified School Employee Week (CSEW) and celebrate the work of classified employees. We have a letter and sample resolution that is ready to use.

CSEW Resolution

About Classified School Employee Week

In 1986, California Senate Bill 1552 (Campbell) established the third week of each May as Classified School Employee Week in order to recognize the vital contributions of classified employees.