Going above and beyond in the name of unity

Unity AwardThis award honors an individual (active or retired) who continues the legacy of uniting classified employees through organizing events and activities aimed to improve the lives of CSEA members and the community. Further, this award is to recognize someone who has committed to going above and beyond to the service of others through volunteerism and contributions in the name of unity.


Nominees must have performed any significant act of promoting unity and comradery among members:

  • By demonstrating a generosity of spirit and dedication to the betterment of people in need (in particular, CSEA members)
  • By organizing events and activities aimed at bringing members together
  • By contributing above and beyond in the name of unity

Award recipients:

2021 Phi Tran, Ocean View Chapter 375 member and Alternate Area H Director

2020 No awards due to COVID-19 Pandemic

2019 Machelle Kessinger, Milpitas Chapter 281 member and Area C Director

2018 Hortensia Benner, Retired Upland Chapter 163 member and former Area F Director