Appreciating Classified Employees (ACE) Day

ACE program logo
Date & Time
May 17, 2022
7:00 am - 4:30 pm

Perris Valley 469 and PUHSD will be participating in the ACE program on May 17, 2022. This will be during our normal workday and will end with a social with the classified staff and management staff that participated. The entire purpose of this program is to show the administrators of our district the work we do every day.


CSEA’s Appreciating Classified Employees (ACE) program invites school administrators and other officials to “job shadow” classified school employees for one day, usually during Classified School Employee Week.

When a principal, superintendent or board member spends the day working alongside classified employees it helps them understand the essential work that we do every day. Administrators roll up their sleeves to serve meals in the cafeteria, ride along on a school bus route, do grounds work on campus, assist paraeducators in the classroom and much more. It’s a real-life experience that promotes understanding and appreciation of classified employees.

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