Classified School Employee Week (CSEW)

CSEW 2022
Date & Time
May 15, 2022
May 21, 2022

Celebrate CSEW May 15–21, 2022

Each May, California salutes the important contributions of classified school employees during Classified School Employee Week (CSEW). This year we are celebrating the theme, “We are Classified! We Bring it Every Day!”

Association President Matthew “Shane” Dishman wraps up Classified School Employee Week by sharing a special message with members. Dishman talks about his experience marking the occasion and even delves into an inspiring story about a transportation specialist who has opened his eyes to the passion and dedication classified employees bring every day.

Essential, United and Strong

We are essential. We’re united. And we’re strong. 

Online and on-campus, we’re behind the scenes, on the front lines, in the classroom. 

We make it happen, for our teachers/academic staff, administrators, students, and communities.
From the first day of preschool, to the last day of community college, with an associate’s degree in hand, we keep California education moving forward. Our patience has been tested. We’ve remained resilient. We’ve fallen down and helped each other stand up. And yet, we continue to face challenges unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

But we will face them, together. With a smile, some courage, and a shoulder to lean on. We bring ourselves, our talents, and our passion to our schools, community colleges, county offices of education, and the public. Our work is more important now than ever to keep our students learning and work towards a kinder future. 

We are everyday superheroes to our students. We build connections and inspire lives in our communities. We get it done.
There is no pandemic, billionaire, or politician that will stop us from improving the lives of our members, students, and community. 

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CSEW Resolution for School Boards

CSEA leaders can ask community college district board of trustees adopt resolutions to recognize Classified School Employee Week (CSEW) and celebrate the work of classified employees. We have a letter and sample resolution that is ready to use.

CSEW Resolution

In 1986, California Senate Bill 1552 (Campbell) established the third week of each May as Classified School Employee Week in order to recognize the vital contributions of classified employees.

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