Retiree Unit Executive Board (RUEB) Secretary Election Information

Vote Graphic
May 27, 2022

The election for the RUEB Secretary position will be coming soon.  Below is an excerpt from an email from the Council 5000 Communications Officer, Jeannette O'Neal. It contains information you may find helpful to assist you in voting. PLEASE VOTE! If you have any questions, please contact District Director Roberta McElfresh ( and she can assist you!

Hello Fellow Retirees in Council 5000,

We want to make sure you are informed of the upcoming election for CSEA's Retiree Unit Secretary position. Ballots will be arriving soon in your mailbox. This election has several candidates. In order to introduce members to the candidates we have held a forum and attached their statements to our last newsletter. Feel free to request a copy from  or check the District O webpage on the CSEA site. 

This election will be held electronically by Balloteer. Realizing that some do not have internet access at home we would like to provide suggestions for you to cast your vote.

Common places that have free wi-fi include local libraries, senior centers, hotel business centers, many fast food restaurants (McDonalds, Starbucks, etc.) family members and friends will often allow you to use their connection and/or device. You can check places where you can access the internet for free at this website. free wi-fi hotspots wifi cafes coffee shops hotels airports RV Parks (

You will need a device to connect to the free internet.  Remember a computer is not necessary, smart phones, tablets, even cars can be used as a "hotspot."  

We want everyone to have an equal opportunity to vote in this important election.  Ballots will be mailed shortly after the beginning of June with voting to take place between June 6-16th.  If you do not receive the information in the mail please contact CSEA headquarters or one of your officers listed below.