Association and Chapter Dues

CSEA Shield
May 24, 2022

Per the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws Article III as of 6/6/2022: 

  • Per capita dues to the Association for Active members shall be assessed at the rate of 1.5% of the first $3,150 of monthly gross salary (excluding overtime, but including longevity, professional growth and anniversary increments), but not to exceed a maximum of $472.50 for the 12-month period commencing each September 1st and continuing through the following August 31st. Said dues shall be payable by payroll deduction or annually in advance direct to the Association.
  • Payroll deduction shall commence in September of each year and continue through the following August for each month the member is in a paid status, or until the maximum of $472.50 has been deducted, whichever comes first.
  • Annual in advance payments must be remitted direct to the Association's accounting office no later than September 30, or within 30 days following membership application for new members after September. Such annual payments shall be as calculated by the Association's Accounting Office in accordance with the Association's Bylaws.
  • Local Chapter dues for Active members of this Chapter shall be thirty-five dollars ($35.00) per year, payable by payroll deduction during each of the months September through June in which the member is in regular paid status; or payable annually in advance to the Chapter Treasurer.

The local chapter dues plus the Association per capita dues equals the member's total dues requirement.