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January 01, 2023

Your fellow coworkers need you to help us achieve better hours, wages, and working conditions

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Why Should I Consider Giving My Time to My Union?

Envision our schools as places where every classified professional comes to work feeling safe and fulfilled to do their best for each other, our students, and our OVSD community. The only way that vision will come to life is through your involvement with our Chapter.

How Can I Help?

Come with an open mind. Our Chapter has numerous roles you can fill. Whether you bring skills you already have, or you’re looking to learn something brand new, we will provide you the training, tools, teamwork, and confidence to succeed. You can give as little as a few hours a month or as many as ten. The more willing members we have to help, the less you have to do! Many meetings will be held on Zoom depending on your committee’s preferences.

What Can I Do?

Below are the list of Chapter committees and their descriptions. If you don't see something here, fill out the form anyway and tell us what you want to do!

  • Site Representative. This is NOT for representing coworkers / discipline cases! Serves as the link between the Executive Board and our members. Assists coworkers with finding union info and looking up the contract/OVSD merit rules. Works with the Communications Officer to keep members informed. Attends site rep meetings. May be asked to help recruit new members at their site.
  • Membership Committee. Develops and implements plans and activities to keep our membership engaged. Strives for 100% Chapter membership. Coordinates and conducts new member orientation for new hires, including monthly Blitz Days. Release time is granted when recruiting new members.
  • Health, Safety, & Insurance / Benefits Committee. No HR / healthcare / risk management experience required! Discusses, analyzes, and makes recommendations regarding the safety and risk management of all classified professionals. Researches and make recommendations regarding health benefits for all part-time and full-time members to the Chapter Negotiations Committee.
  • Paraeducator Committee (all Instructional Assistants, Preschool, Kids Club, and ALC Attendants). Discusses, analyzes, and makes recommendations regarding the hours, wages, and working conditions of all OVSD paraeducators, including class specifications (job descriptions). May attend the annual CSEA Paraeducator Conference each Spring.
  • Custodial Committee. Discusses, analyzes, and makes recommendations regarding the hours, wages, and working conditions of all OVSD head and night custodians, including class specifications (job descriptions). May attend the annual CSEA Maintenance & Operations Academy each Fall.
  • Merit System Committee. Learn about, discuss, make recommendations for, and promote the merit system in the Ocean View School District so that the most qualified classified professionals are hired, promoted, and retained. Review and propose changes to OVSD Merit Rules. Work with the Personnel Commission (PC) and oversee the activities of the Chapter-appointed commissioner. Attend PC meetings regularly. Recruit personnel commissioner every three years.
  • Contracting Out Committee. Be the eyes and ears for any “contracting out” of classified work. Meet with the District 3 times per year (release time is granted) in accordance with our contract to review any contracting out of District services / classified work. Also ensures District volunteers are not taking away from classified work.
  • Auditing Committee (Financial). Some accounting skills / experience is preferred but not required. Training will be provided. Audit the Chapter’s financial statements and operation in accordance with Association Policy and Chapter Constitution at least annually.
  • Political Action Committee (PAC). Organizes members when there is a union action required (Board/PC meetings, wearing pins or T-shirts, etc.). Ensures classified professionals are connected to Board members and issues are properly advocated. Recommends and makes plans for Board of Trustees elections, including recruiting and endorsing Board candidates.
  • Negotiations Committee. Negotiates all hours, wages, and working conditions on behalf of all classified professionals through our contract, with the support of our CSEA Labor Relations Representative (LRR). Researches contracts and budgets of other Chapters/Districts and the Governor. Release time is granted for all negotiations meetings with the District.
  • Steward. Completion of the Union Steward Training (UST) including Level 3 is required before full appointment. Ensure rights of all classified professionals are protected. Represent classified staff in discipline cases. May write and file grievances with support from Chief Union Steward or CSEA Labor Relations Representative (LRR). Release time is granted when meeting with management.

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