Two CSEA sponsored bills introduced

Governmental Relations
January 28, 2022

Two of CSEA’s sponsored bills were introduced in the State Senate this week that would improve funding for student transportation and ensure parity for employees in merit system districts.

SB 878 (Skinner) The Road to Success would establish a state-funded program to ensure that every TK-12 public school student in California gets transportation to and from school each day.

This legislation would replace the state’s outdated and severely underfunded school transportation program. The current funding formula hasn’t allowed for increases in almost a decade, while costs for fuel, labor, and maintenance have skyrocketed. This bill would help CSEA members working with low pay, inadequate training, outdated school buses, and understaffed fleets by funding school transportation adequately and providing more students, particularly low-income and minority students, with the safest way to get to and from school.

SB 874 (Cortese) Parity for Employees in Merit Districts would provide the same promotional probation procedures for classified employees in merit system districts as non-merit system employees. The current lack of clarity around merit system employees in California law leaves the door open to unfair labor practices, including termination without cause for permanent staff in merit system districts.

"Employees who strive for advancement in their workplace should not fear losing their job due to statutory ambiguity, yet that is the case for some California classified school employees. SB 874 would provide clarity for employers and give employees the security to develop their professional skills and grow their careers," said Association President Matthew “Shane” Dishman.