Layoff parity for classified employees

Governmental Relations
November 19, 2021

CSEA’s top-priority bill, AB 438 (Reyes) Layoff Notice Parity, was signed into law October 8. This bill will finally create layoff parity between classified staff and their certificated and administrative colleagues, standardizing the layoff process so all school employees receive the same March 15 layoff notice and hearing rights, regardless of job title.

Association President Matthew “Shane” Dishman recently penned this op-ed about AB 438 and why classified employees deserve the same rights as their colleagues.

“Imagine having a job where your co-workers have greater job security than you — not because of merit or seniority, but simply because of their job titles,” Dishman says in opening the EdSource piece. “That’s the reality for California’s classified school employees, who feed and transport our students, ensure our schools are clean and safe and keep our students learning through technical and educational support.”

He continues to explain the injustices of the current system and how AB 438 will “right decades of wrongs by treating all California school employees, including the lowest wage earners, equitably when it comes to layoff protections.”