District O Leadership Team Contacts

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April 30, 2022

Below are the members of the District O Leadership Team and their email addresses (clickable).

District Director & PAC:  Roberta McElfresh (robodirectocsea@gmail.com)

Assistant Director:  Vacant

District PAC:  Suzette Fontenot (dwfontenot@att.net)

District Webmaster & Past District Director:  Matt Gentile (1961treehugger@gmail.com)

Council 5000 President:  Allan Clark (allanclarkcsea@gmail.com)

Council 5000 Vice President:  Bill Regis (wm.b.regis@gmail.com)

Council 5000 Secretary/Treasurer:  Charlotte Brothwell (grammybwell@gmail.com)

Council 5000 Communications Officer:  Jeannette O'Neal (lytechaser@gmail.com)

Political Action Leader (PAL), Western Zone:  Matt Gentile (1961treehugger@gmail.com)

Political Action Leader (PAL), Mountain Zone:  Harry Keim (hairdog62@hotmail.com)

Political Action Leader (PAL), Central Zone:  Luci Clark (cormierclark@gmail.com)

Political Action Leader (PAL), Eastern Zone:  Roberta McElfresh (robodirectocsea@gmail.com)