CSEA endorses Palkki for CalPERS Board

Kevin Palkki
April 13, 2022

CSEA's Board of Directors has endorsed member Kevin Palkki for the CalPERS Board of Administration. CSEA is now gathering signatures from CalPERS members who are active school employees to nominate Palkki for the School Member Seat on the board.

Palkki is currently a CSEA Regional Representative and member of CSEA’s Investment Committee. He holds a master’s degree in business administration and multiple financial management certificates, including one from the Harvard School of Business. As a classified employee on the CalPERS Board, Palkki will work hard to safeguard the pensions of all public employees and fiercely defend the defined benefit program that allows us to retire with security and dignity.

If elected, Palkki would replace Rob Feckner, who served in the School Member Seat on the CalPERS Board since 1999. Feckner led the CalPERS Board for 13 years as president and is also a past president and life member of CSEA.

This is our opportunity to keep a CSEA member in this seat who will advocate for us and fight to protect our pensions every day. With continued attacks on public employees and their pensions, it is more important than ever to elect an experienced and dedicated champion of working people.

Help nominate Kevin Palkki

Talk to your CSEA labor relations representative to sign and help circulate petitions to get Kevin Palkki on the ballot. Please note that only active school employees who are members of CalPERS can sign the petition.


Flyer: Kevin Palkki for CalPERS