Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 9/16/22

Yes! We are excited to return to in-person meetings and events sponsored by the state Association, such as CSEA Board of Directors meetings and Super Session.

On September 16, 2022, the CSEA Board voted to rescind its prior vaccination requirement and its more recent testing/masking mandate, because the State DPH has withdrawn its mandate that school employees be vaccinated or tested. CSEA still encourages vaccination (including the new bivalent booster which is more effective against the Omicron variant), testing and masking.

Yes, if you make reasonable attendance alternatives available to those opposed to vaccination so they can still exercise their rights as members under the state and chapter Constitutions and Bylaws.

Our legal counsel strongly believe that CSEA and its chapters are not required to accommodate religious or disability objections to vaccination where an alternative is offered when matters are up for debate and vote. Our relationship with our members is not an employer-employee relationship (where employers are required to provide reasonable accommodation of religion and disabilities), nor are we a public accommodation covered by the ADA and similar state laws. Instead, we are a private association exempt from such laws with narrow exceptions.  

We are only covered by ADA and similar laws when we provide training required for an occupation (i.e., Para Conference) or handle grievances for particular individuals with disabilities or religious objections to vaccination.

CSEA’s Constitution allows the Association President to determine that an item should be addressed in executive session when there is a threat of harm to CSEA from handling the issue otherwise. CSEA’s Constitution allows any Board Member to move during the executive session to challenge this determination (Art. VI, sec. 5). No board member did so here. The Board also frequently takes up matters in executive sessions which are time-sensitive but arise too late to be put on the open session agenda.

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