Labor Day

Digital art of black and white photo of workers with writing saying Happy Labor Day
Date & Time
September 05, 2022

SMCOE will be closed.

Labor Day is the only national holiday that officially recognizes the contributions of American working men and women. While there is still work to do, CSEA and its partners in the labor movement are proud of the numerous strides we have made for workers' rights and safety on the job. Remember that unions fought for the eight-hour workday, weekends, the end of child labor, and paid holidays such as Labor Day.

Nonetheless, unions have come under an unprecedented attack from political special-interest groups who want to roll back worker protections, civil liberties, and the right to collectively bargain for pay and benefits -- but workers and union members are standing their ground. CSEA members, in particular, understand what's at stake and are more united than ever.

Some employees take it for granted that their job and the benefits they receive are secure and permanent, but that is not the case. Every year, basic cost-of-living raises and pensions come under attack. Your membership and participation in CSEA help us fight for better pay raises, pension security, health insurance, sick leave and the other important benefits you and your family rely on. More importantly, CSEA gives us the opportunity to make improvements for all classified employees and the community we serve.

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