CSEA Paraeducator Conference

Paraeducator Conference
Date & Time
April 04, 2023
April 06, 2023

CSEA’s 26th Annual Paraeducator Conference will be held in-person at the Ontario Convention Center April 4 – 6, 2023. Registration will be open in the late Fall, please check back for more details.

Classes and Workshops

A list of class descriptions for the 2023 Paraeducator Conference will be available soon. To see what classes were offered at last year’s conference, please see our list of 2022 Paraeducator Conference Courses.

District Funding

Please consider the following list of funding resources that may be available to you through your district’s budget:

Educator Effectiveness Block Grant – As part of the 2021-22 State Budget, school districts have been provided with paraeducator training funds with this grant.

General Title I Funds – support ongoing train­ing and professional development to assist teach­ers and paraprofessionals (Section 1114(b)(1)(D) & Section 1115(c)(I) (F) of Title I).

Title II, Part A – Improving Teacher Quality State Grants funds may be used to provide professional development that “improves the knowledge of teachers and principals, and in appropriate cases, paraprofessionals concerning core academic subjects and effective instructional practices to improve student academic achievement” (Section 2123(a)(3) (A) & (B)).

Title III, Part A – The English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement Act, authorized local education agencies to use formula grant funds for professional development of teachers and other instructional personnel providing instruction to students needing English language acquisition and language enhancement (Section 3115(c)(2)).

Senate Bill (SB) 590 – Relates to professional development for classified employees effective January 1, 2014. This law requires local educational agencies (LEAs) to consider the training needs of classified school employees whenever funds are expended for the profes­sional development of any school site staff.

Assembly Bill (AB) 1808 – The Education Budget Trailer Bill for K-12 education was signed into law on 6/27/18. It provides $50 million in funding for professional development for classified school employees only.

Inquire with your district, chapter president or CSEA Labor Representative regarding these funding sources.

CSEA Member Reimbursement Subsidy

Members attending the Paraeducator Conference can apply for a CSEA Member Reimbursement Subsidy to cover the registration fee. Once your application is approved, funds will be disbursed upon proof of attendance at the event. Note: Members who are receiving district or chapter funds to attend are not eligible for this subsidy.

About the event

CSEA’s long-running, annual paraeducator conference is one of our most popular events. Held each spring, the conference provides paraeducators with an opportunity to improve their knowledge, learn the latest in education trends and network with other paraeducators from around the state.

The conference has grown in size and popularity every year since, it debuted in 1998. Today, it is known statewide by members and school district administrators alike as the premier training and development opportunity for paraeducators.


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