Member Spotlight - Wendy Rivera, Night Custodian @ Westmont

Wendy Rivera
June 24, 2023

Meet one of our few female custodians in the district: Wendy Rivera. Wendy has a sense of pride in knowing that she holds this distinction. “I wasn’t sure I would pass probation,” she laughs. “Through blood, sweat, and tears, I passed and proved that I was able to survive in a man’s world. I felt a part of the team,” she reflects.

Custodians are an important part of the school community. They are working hard to keep the school clean, well-functioning, and problem-free. They make sure the schools are ready for hundreds of students each and every day.

Her job is physically demanding, and in a male-dominated field of custodial work, women make up roughly 38% of it.

Wendy has been working in Ocean View School District for nine years. She started as a substitute and is now a night custodian at Westmont Elementary. She maintains a clean school and provides assistance to the principal, head custodian, staff, and, most importantly, the safety of the students.

The hardest part of her job is juggling all the work that needs to be done in the short amount of time allotted.

Wendy says she has no talents, but I beg to differ. She has great relationships with the students and staff. It takes talent to have an open mind and be versatile. She’s willing to work hard and do the best job she can. Wendy feels fortunate to have coworkers who are willing to share their knowledge in all departments, including custodial, food service, and administration. She did mention that she wished she had played piano or guitar. It’s never too late to learn.

Wendy looks forward to coming to work. The best part about her job is the relationships she’s built with her coworkers.  “Getting along with everyone makes my job easier,” Wendy says with a smile.

Wendy’s advice to any woman or man who would like to become a custodian is that no matter how busy it can be working at an elementary school, having a positive attitude will take you a long way. “No matter what you’re tasked with, always give it your all,” Wendy says.

Wendy has been married for 27 years, and she has three children with her awesome husband. They enjoy the Colorado River during the summer and visit Las Vegas year-round. They attend different sports games, including football and baseball. They are Raiders and Dodger fans.

Wendy says that everyone who passes her way is an inspiration. She learns something from each and every person she meets. Her family and friends have created a positive atmosphere that she enjoys being around.

Well before and after students arrive at school each day, custodians like Wendy are working tirelessly to ensure that students and staff are able to have the best experience in their school and work environment. Thank you, Wendy and all the custodians in our district. Your work is greatly appreciated.