Member Highlight: David Wolfe, Groundskeeper I

David Wolfe
May 15, 2023

Walk onto any one of our campuses of Ocean View School District and the first thing you notice is the grounds. The lawns are so luscious and green. The trees are properly pruned and they appear to be healthy, and while looking at beautiful landscapes, we let our minds wander and our worries seem to fade. 

Thanks to David Wolfe and his coworkers of groundskeeping, maintaining the grass, shrubs, flower beds and overall aesthetics are the focus of their jobs. You’ll find David on the large mower, edging the grass, and trimming the bushes and trees.

I asked David what the toughest challenges he’s had at work, and he replied the different personalities of his peers in the Facilities Department. David and his peers work as a team to get the grounds looking as good as they do. “Work hard and do what’s asked of you. Take pride in your work,” David says. “The best part of my job is when it’s time to go home - just kidding,” he laughs. 

Motivation comes easily to David because he can see the end results of his hard work and it makes him proud. He’s also proud of his 15-year tenure at Ocean View. “Look at us now,” he says. “We’ve definitely made a career of it.”

David and I go way back. We started out as noon duty supervisors when our kids were of elementary age at Golden View. I’ve always found David to be very diplomatic. He chooses the right words when speaking to you, has a positive attitude, and has great listening skills. He takes responsibility for his actions and seeks feedback from his supervisor and colleagues. 

David is married and has four great kids - two girls and two boys. They and his family are his biggest inspiration. 

His hobbies include hunting, fishing, camping, sky diving, rock climbing, boating, river rafting, and scuba diving, just to name a few. You can tell David is an adventurous, outdoors kind of guy, and it’s no wonder he loves working outside.

David appreciates his union family and the support it has given him in his time of need. “I preach union to everybody,” he says. “The union is on our side.”

Thank you, David, for being a strong advocate of our union and working so hard to keep our campuses looking so nice. Your pride is really showing.